My turn to cook…

Okay, I have no valid excuse why I don’t cook!  As “my turn” comes around to “cook” I hurry down to the superstore where I scan the frozen section for something, for anything that will come in a box and not require me to mix, prepare, or read any recipe (not that I can’t but more that I choose not to).  I find nothing! Nothing that requires less time than 1 hour and 45 min.  Come on, people who have that amount of time will most likely make it themselves ~ don’t you think?  Anyways, I find myself leaving the frozen boxed food section and end up in the bakery when I see it!  All perfect with little carrots on top.  I make my choice.  It covers all four food groups (I hope) and it tastes perfect, requires no prep time or baking.  Love It!

My turn to cook…

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