Western Canadian Championships 2008

The first day was so amazingly windy and dusty!  Red shale filled the air for the entire day but the girls played with no complaints.  They were there to win! The Aces went into the weekend as a strong positive team.  That did not come as a big surprise as they have great coaches behind them & lots of parental support too.  The team worked hard all season and deserved to be at the Western Canadian Championships in Airdrie, Alberta.  A weekend filled with watching excitng ball games with such great athletes performing was a perfect way to spend the August long weekend.  And, although the girls didn’t win ~I think that by focusing on what they did accomplished they can be very proud of themselves &  the team that they were part of.  

Brandi, an amazingly fast pitcher, was added to the line-up for the western tournement.

Carmen, was the second pick up to help the team at Westerns and that she did!  What an amazing athlete and a wonderful spirit to.  She gave the team strength and encouragement at 110%.

It was the end of a great season ~ until next year!

Western Canadian Championships 2008

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