~lil’ photographer~



I had this cute one over the other day and he was more interested in the camera than anything else…hmm…maybe we’re onto something here.



Lil’ photographer:  “This thing that you point at me…let me see it….let me hold it…how do I change the settings…hmmm….I need some creative freedom here….”

Lil’ photographer:  “…now to check the images…”


Lil’ photographer:  “…that is enough for today, I will turn it off for you…at least until I can stop drooling….”

me:   “That is OK lil’ photographer, I am sure that you will grow up to be a fabulous artist taking fabulous pictures.  As for drooling, we all do it….I did it last night as I watched the Olympics and SAW THEM!…behind the athletes…behind the coaches….in front of millions of fans….there they were….dozens and dozens of Nikon D3s!!!!”

~lil’ photographer~

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