~Greetings from New Orleans~

New Orleans is an amazing place where the excitement never stops.

Apparently here people eat alligator….hmmm…..everyone who knows me knows that I am not an adventurous eater so we found a HRC that was perfect.

can’t decide if alligator is a delicacy or a rodent that they try to get rid of…..

this is just strange…..but I would rather see them stuffed and not real running around!

…it is an alligator disguised as a lobster….wonder if anyone will notice….

Ok…now the reason I was here….ya… that is Audrey Woulard!!!!

…and Chenin Boutwell….

…and Jessica Claire selling Shoot sacs on the floor….

and a pannel of amazing amazing…did I say amazing photographers!!!!!

I have had a wonderful experience and learned sooo much!  I wil post the pictures from our learning sessions later.  We will be leaving New Orleans tomorrow to return to our “normal” but wonderful lives back in Canada.  Can’t wait to see everyone back home!

~Greetings from New Orleans~

2 thoughts on “~Greetings from New Orleans~

  1. Yay, you posted!!! So happy you got to see all of these amazing photographers (and they got to see you) 🙂 So sad I didn’t jump in your suitcase. Hurry home, I miss you tonnes and need to hear all the juicy details!!! Love you!


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