~Samantha & Chris~

meet Sam…

…meet Chris…

…together they complete each other…

…and their beautiful children…

and of course the fabulous wedding party…they really rocked the day!!!

I know this was a day that both Sam and Chris have anticipated for year and years.  Each detail was graciously planned and organized. So, when the weather on their special day did not cooperate (rain showers every 5 minutes) you would think they would have been upset….no not Sam and Chris….smiles & laughter (lots of laughter) filled the day and well into the night… As everybody knows when it rains you get wet… but if you wait it out you eventually get a rainbow ~ and at the end of the rainbow is to be a treasure…I believe that Sam and Chris have already found that treasure within the relationship that they both share together.  Best wishes always!, ~B~ 

~Samantha & Chris~

One thought on “~Samantha & Chris~

  1. Jenn says:

    I love these two to death! You have captured the real them and it shows in these pictures and I can hear the laughter from all of them…..you rock Bon!


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