~the perfect gift~

Okay, so I may be just a bit bias but I think that photography is by far the most perfect gift ever!!!  It is always the right size and the perfect fit! LOL.  It hardly matters if it is for a birthday, Christmas, or just because….photographs are a gift from the heart and each one has it’s very own story that never wears out, that never gets old and will be cherished forever whether it is on the wall, on your desk, or tucked in an album….what did you get for Christmas last year?  The images above are a gift for their mom….I love that they all came together and took time out of their busy lives to do this for her!  I cried during the shoot for a couple reasons…they are sooo much fun and soooo funny together…and because they really thought about their mom’s “likes”….you see their mom is an artist and loves color and the fall season; so they all wore black so they would not take away from the fall colors. Isn’t that cute!   I photograph a lot of people and each and every photograph has a story and It’s those stories that I will always remember because they come from the heart! 

Looking for the perfect gift ~ why not consider a gift certificate to be used towards a session or for enlargements.  It comes in a special card and is gift wrapped….as well as a bonus gift for you when you buy a gift card for someone else.  ~B~

~the perfect gift~

One thought on “~the perfect gift~

  1. Rae says:

    Bonnie, I absolutely love the fall picture of the siblings tossing the leaves….love it, love it! What a great gift for the mom and what a great gift you have.


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