My very good friend is expecting her first child….ooooh….we are all soooo very excited for her and for us!  WE all love babies!!!! WE are anxiously awaiting the new arrival!  I know she will be a wonderful mother because she is a wonderful person!  Love you!   A special thanks to Rhonda Scriven for helping me with this session. ~B~


3 thoughts on “~expecting~

  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you both for making this photo session so special to us! I love the picture and can’t wait until baby arrives so you can capture those moments for us as well! THANK YOU!


  2. Awwwh, the most beautiful expecting mommy ever! She so has the pretty “I’m gonna be a mommy” glow! (Can’t wait for baby to arrive, its sure to have amazing blue eyes like his/her parents) Love these pictures Bonnie! You have such amazing talent!!!! LOVE you!


  3. Bonnie says:

    You are so very welcome ~ I think you should get a “big Canvas of the 2nd one for the baby’s room! I love it and want it as a big print for my studio…you are one hot mamma…lol…can’t wait to get some images of the new baby!!! Waiting anxiously!


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