~Those eyes~


The session was over and we headed back to our cars when this shy little girl ( at first anyway) looked back at me with the cutest little grin…I was so happy that I had not put my camera away and captured it!  It was the last image on my camera but it happens to be one of my first picks for my favorites.





what a fabulous family….



Here it is again in vintage colors….I’m loving the vintage lately!


This little one with the most beautiful eyes(meet her parents and you will see where she gets it from) was shy at first.  When we first met she hid behind her parents legs but It didn’t take long for her to warm up to me. ~and I am soooo happy that she did ~I got some of the most warm and beautiful images of her and her family playing together.  I can tell she is one lucky little girl to have such fun and loving parents.  I have more to share but I will post more tomorrow as I want to give her mom and dad the first chance to view them. ~B~

~Those eyes~

2 thoughts on “~Those eyes~

  1. Laura says:

    A heartfelt thankyou to you, Bonnie, for your gifted talent! We couldn’t have wished for more precious keepsakes of the moments you captured of our family. Each time we sit down and watch the slide show of the photo shoot it brings tears to our eyes! We have spoken so highly of you and your talents, you are sure to be receiving more clients in the near future!


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