~Educate Yourself, Be Yourself~



~Most of you know that I am a High School Fine Arts Teacher at Wesmor Community High School.  I have been there for a few years now and have loved it since day one.  I feel blessed to be working in a school with a wonderful staff and with some of the greatest teenagers ever~ as well… I get to teach what I love…Fine Arts!!!  My students and I had been working on an advertising project and decided to enter a competition.  I taught the students about photography lighting, posing and using adobe photo shop…. and we even made the backdrop in the first picture.  These are the promotional posters that the students and I made together.  We are very pleased with them and wanted to share them with everyone.  ~B~

~Educate Yourself, Be Yourself~

One thought on “~Educate Yourself, Be Yourself~

  1. Sheri Gunville says:

    And Bonnie, did you tell the folks that you and your students won the competition you entered? I can’t wait to see what amazing learning will continue to happen with the students leading the way on their new SMARTboard.


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