~growing up~





…and changing so quickly…the picture above was one I had taken almost a year ago and look at him now…he is riding a bike (lol) well, maybe just sitting on one with his Daddy close by ~ but it is a start and it doesn’t stop.  I am amazed at babies and how much they change year by year, month by month and even day by day.  I love comparing the pictures of my client’s kids and my own kids too~ to see how they have changed in appearance and also in interests.   All I can say is take lots of pictures cause when they grow up the years gone by kinda seem like a blur!…and watch out for this one cause in 15 years he’ll be riding a Harley!!!!




how are you doing?…


…wouldn’t be complete without a tub pic….I know he’ll hate that one in 10 years.


~growing up~

4 thoughts on “~growing up~

  1. …I really can’t take credit for the cute~handsome boy…his parents had something to do with that LOL ~ but I have to admit it is easy to get nice pics and sooooo much fun when the babies are this adorable. It almost (I said almost) makes me want one of my own (again). As for the props~ I got great friends who are willing and able to help me find great stuff to spend my $$$ on! he he!


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