~toe wiggler~






This happy little boy was diagnosed with hip displacement and had to have surgery in February.  Since then he has been in a cast that covers more than half of his body.  The surgery, although much needed and successful, has taken away all his mobility.  He just learned to walk two days before his surgery!  He has to be carried around and is very heavy.  He cannot move his body from just below his chest to his ankles.  He can however,  wiggle his toes ~ and it is so cute when he does!!!  Through out it all he has been sooooo happy! His mom and our mom hardly  ever leave his side. He is lucky to have two great women, a wonderful dad and loving family to care for him and entertain him!  We are so blessed to have Cohen in our life and we can’t wait to see those little legs move again.  ~B~

~toe wiggler~

4 thoughts on “~toe wiggler~

  1. novotnyphotography says:

    I know, isn’t he just adorable!!!! I just saw him the other day and apparently he also flexes his little bum cheeks to bop up and down when he is happy. I was carrying Cohen and playing hide&go-seek with the other kids. Cohen loved this and was bobbing up and down in my arms while laughing hysterically. It was sooo cute!


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