~looking for drama~









Looking for a dramatic look a few of us went out to experiment with light and funky outfits!  I had a certain feel that I wanted the images to have and everyone was totally on board!  I was experimenting with off camera flash again (it took a while)… and I am loving how the images turned out.  When you’re looking for drama it helps that I have drama lovers all around { it is like a big bolt of positive energy ~ hitting me every few minutes}. Thanks so much to Jessica for being dramatic, gorgeous and totally rocking the tutu & A very big thanks to Rhonda  {She loves the drama as much as I do} , Ethan (the youngest crew member ever {he he}) and Derick(for doing everything we asked him to)! You all were all so great and I can’t wait to do it again…..first I must shop!~B~

~looking for drama~

One thought on “~looking for drama~

  1. Rhonda says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them Bonnie! They turned out even better than I could ever imagine! YOU are SO talented!!! Can’t wait to go PLAY again! First we must SHOP, nothing we love more…TROUBLE but I love it it! Fabulous job love!


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