~When did you get freckles?~



I am pretty observant, always trying to look for things that are not always obvious, but I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my baby and saw them!!!  When did he get those!  They are soooo cute! He is sooo cute!  I looked him straight in the eyes and held is cheeks together with my hands and asked him “when did you get FRECKLES”….he paused and said….”I got them when it got sunny”  and he smiled his big cheezey smile.  I love Kids…~ life would not be the same without them!   Happy Monday ~ b~

~When did you get freckles?~

One thought on “~When did you get freckles?~

  1. Dianne Mahood says:

    Gisele Neudorf shared your website with me … and I just wanted to say your work is absolutely amazing. Well Done!!!!


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