~Adventure postcards~

Sometimes I have to really push my creative brain.  You can just image the smoke that must appear (lol).  My younger relatives are so use to me shooting them with the camera that they sometimes get a little sick of it.  Sooooo….we made a game of it!  ….. we pretended that we were lost in the wilderness…no money…no food…no compass!  Only a suitcase full of spider-man figurines and my camera.  I proposed that we make adventure postcards and then sell them to get money for cheese sandwiches and juice (which of course we would live on till we were rescued)…it is amazing how long a person can survive on cheese sandwiches!  So this is what we ended up with.  We were lost for a block and 1/2 and were miraculous rescued by spider man in the end.  

Adventure postcard 1 ~ lost in the woods! 25 cents each.




Adventure postcard 2 – Hiding from the bad guys and wild animals in the woods. 25 cents each.


Adventure postcard 3 – On top of a mountain right before the avalanche happens.  25 cents each.



~Adventure postcards~

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