~I got a feeling….~




I love this one below shot by my good friend and talented photographer Rhonda Scriven….


…and the guys….


…love the connection that these two share….to be young and in love!






I got a feeling……tonite’s gonna be a good night!  Every time I hear the black eyed peas feel good song I think of this beautiful couple and their fabulous wedding at Waskesui.  The song was their third dance and I loved the non-traditional feel to it!  Congratulations Brittany & Jeff!  I am so very happy for you both.  Your wedding was amazing &  I truly enjoyed every minute of the day!  Best wishes.  ~B~

~I got a feeling….~

One thought on “~I got a feeling….~

  1. Lezlie says:

    What a fantastic job you did for us Bonnie! Looking at the pictures today just brought back to me what a great day it really was. Rhonda is a very talented lady also and it was sure a nice surprise to see her along with you. Thanks again for helping us treasure these moments.


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