~hey Mr.Blue eyes~

When I first met Hunter I thought he would make strange with me….boy was I wrong!  The first thing he did was come crawling towards me really fast…..we had lots of fun and lots and lots of movement….here are some of my favorites of him.

Hunter’s dad is big into motor~crossing and by the looks of it he will be too!  He is sooo cute!

…a quick change into Hunter’s hunting camo…

…and finally his favorite outfit of all….his birthday suit!

Loved this session….I have a few more favorites, but I am saving them for a later post!  ~B~

~hey Mr.Blue eyes~

4 thoughts on “~hey Mr.Blue eyes~

  1. novotnyphotography says:

    Thanks so much to Hunter’s mom and dad for bringing all the outfits to the session and for having such an adorable little guy! ~B~


  2. Naomi says:

    Your photographs are simply beautiful! These pictures of Hunter are amazing! Hunter’s mom is my best friend and I am so happy to be able to see these photos with living so far away from them…Hunter is absolutely adorable!


  3. Neru says:

    I am amazed by these photographs Bonnie! You really captured the cute and perfect nephew I love soooo.. very much. You are truly amazing!


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