~Sample Albums~

Took today off as I was feeling a tad bit under the weather!  I did however manage to get a bit of energy to take some quick photos of some of the products that I received in the mail.  I love my new marketing albums and I am excited to show them off.  Here is my informational book for weddings……

…and this is my 11×14 press album…..

…the pages are thick, glossy & beautiful….

….and finally my Flush Mount 12×12 album…..

….I love how the pages are thick, rounded corners and lay-flat design…..

Have a great weekend! ~B~

~Sample Albums~

3 thoughts on “~Sample Albums~

  1. Stephanie says:

    BoNnIe i am sooo impressed and Inspired by your work, and dont think i have ever exspressed that to you. You never stop suprising me, if it isnt one thing your exploring, its the other. Not only are you good at what you do… But you make it look effertless!! Youve always been one of my idols for as long as i can remember meeting you..!!! Your a beautiful person inside out, and i wanted you to know that..
    I Can definetly saY that i will be getting one of these beauiful books.. A 2 hour photoshoot, your Time, and the book, how much do you think that would cost? I am just curious…Let me know when you put it all together.


  2. novotnyphotography says:

    OMG….thanks so much for the kind words!….and dido back to you. I would love to do a book for you, let’s talk and set something up …as for the $$$ you know me… I am always willing to give you a deal (lol). Talk to you soon! ~B~


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