~non-traditional engagement session~

The environment is in between seasons.  Not a lot of winter left and no green grass either……that’s ok because as I said earlier I love grunge and texture.  Of course this session was not really the type of  traditional photography that we grew up with so when we pulled up in front of old cars & rusty dumpsters my brother was in a bit of shock!  Some of my family know what I do and some well don’t!  My husband finally clued into my “likes” when we did our family picture in the middle of a grassy field on an old orange couch, and that I spent hundreds of dollars on backgrounds called “grunge”, “graffiti alley” , “warehouse” ect…  ha ha ….My daughter called our family pic “real ghetto shoot” but I just laugh….I guess it is the artist in me!  lol…anyways….I love so many of the images from Mike and Danielle’s engagement session and I am super excited to be shooting their wedding in Mexico next January.  ~B~

~non-traditional engagement session~

One thought on “~non-traditional engagement session~

  1. novotnyphotography says:

    THanks so very much Mike and Danielle for having an open mind and trusting me! I hope you love the images as much as I do! I am looking forward to helping you design your save the dates…I know they will look great!


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