~7 years ago~

Looking back at what got me interested in  professional photography was a combination of many different things but I am certain one of them was Ethan and his mom.  We met 7 years ago in a “moms and baby” support group.   A group of moms met every Wednesday for a year until we all had to go back to work.   We shared stories, grumbles, laughs and ideas.  Each person brought some unique gift or idea  to the group.  Ethan was a bit older than my son and he always had the cutest portraits.  I loved them.  I still have his 3 month one with the bare bum and the heart pillow….which a month later I totally copied.  Each portrait inspired me first to get my son’s portraits done and then eventually led to me buying my first digital camera (7 years ago almost to the day).  Thanks so very much for the ideas & inspiration and for sharing your family with me then and now.  I  loved coming out to your place, meeting your family and photographing you all.  ~B~


~7 years ago~

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