~jenna & jason~

…so in love, so beautiful….perfection


What an amazing wedding….what an amazing couple.  Jenna and Jason have so much in common, one of them being their chosen profession.  They both devote many many hours educating students.  I instantly had a connection with Jenna as she is a grade one teacher.  It is a special grade.  Myself, long long ago, being a grade one teacher for four years I can totally relate.  I never forget the wide spectrum of feelings – so amazingly rewarding and frustrating at times.  Many people can only imagine having a room filled with 28 six year olds and given the task to teach them sooooo very much in what seems like a short time.  It is all about balance or trying to find balance.  Being a new teacher I always felt like I could do more and that I should do more.   Each day was a milestone for the children but also for me.  So days I laughed some days I cried.  So much learning.  A lot of what I know today is a direct result of my teaching experiences then and now.  I realize today that people are people no matter whether they are 18 or 6 and they each have a story – one that they would love to share and for some try to forget.  Each one unique in their own way with gifts in many different areas.   The children of Jenna and Jason’s classrooms are lucky to have a teacher so gentle and kind.  Wishing you all the best:)


~jenna & jason~

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