~My project~

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Wow, it seems like it has been forever since I have updated my blog…because it has been forever.  To be honest I have thought about updating often but did not have the right things to say and the right pictures to place.  So this morning I decided to just do it.  As 2013 was coming to an end I decided to take some time off from Art and photography to dedicate 100% of my time ….well maybe 98%…as I can’t seem to get artful things out of my mind :)….to a personal project.  Although, I missed my “work” it was great to really focus on one aspect of my life at this particular time.  Some days were hard and some days were lonely.   I wanted to give up, get into my vehicle and drive away…just drive anywhere.  I have learned a lot through the process and I am so happy I was able to work on the things that really needed attention.  I was lucky enough to have a trip to Maui included in my “Life-project” .  Its amazing the clarity you feel in the winter when you are lying on a beautiful beach in Maui…feeling the fine sand between your toes, the fresh breeze on your face, and the warm sun caressing your body.  For more images click check out the slideshow.  Thanks for checking on my, I know 2014 will be fabulous.

~My project~

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