~trying something a little different~



WS11ksenia WS11ksenia2


I have been doing winter sports photography for a while now and when my sister asked me to try something a little different for my nieces team I wasn’t quite sure how it would all turn out.  Taking a subject out of the scene is not really my thing.  I can appreciate the art of it but it wasn’t something I wanted to do.  Well the new year is maybe a good time to try something new.  No promises for great success and no risk.  This is my first attempt (and maybe my last…the whole process was a bit time-consuming – probably because I am a newbie at it) …after a few hours hovering over the computer a few replays of PS6 tutorials –  I am happy how it turned out.  My sis also says the girls were tickled with their images.


1.  I shot 2 poses for each player using a background light for separation.

2.  Remove the background for each player in PS6.

2.  Create the team composite -this was fairly easy 🙂

3.  Find interesting background (I bought this off the internet)

4.  Customize it to suit the playerws11kseniacutout1 ws11ksenia2cut



















~trying something a little different~

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