~Happy Mother’s Day~


After editing the image above I had a bit of a feeling of awh!!!!…the kind of feeling you have when you see something and want it. The mom, Ashley, is beautiful and her children all gathered around her smiling and happy. She is there everything and they are hers. I am pretty sure that is high on the list of what every mom wants for a keepsake. Something to look back on in years and say “awh”…..Ok, so the session may have been a bit chaotic but you would never know it hey, but when Ashley looks back in 5 or 10 maybe 20 years all she will see are smiling faces:)….I want that!…..my children and my pups all gathered around for one “awh” image. I said to my kids….skip the flowers & the presents (although my son did make me a lovely necklace at school) all I need is one image of my children content and smiling so I can say “awh.” In the mean time I went back on my current hard drive (approx 1-2 years) of images and pulled any images that had a mom with only her children. You can see the video of all the beautiful moms by clicking here.

~Happy Mother’s Day~

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